(Ri)Cercatori di idee

Un incontro per capire come sia possibile coniugare l'attitudine sperimentale del ricercatore con la logica produttiva di chi fa impresa.

Young Neuroscientists Meeting -2013

The meeting will be held to enable young researchers to meet one another to improve their skills and share their experiences in order to cooperate into a wide array of fields having an interest in neuroscience.
This year many graduate students, post-docs, and young Phd students from national and international universities apply to attend the meeting. We already received a strong confirmation from a lot of Universities as Ljubljana, Maribor and the University of Trieste.

Young Researcher Meeting 2013

A two-day conference organized in sessions devoted to recent research topics in Physics. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to present their work in talks or poster presentations.

Mechanics of soft materials and tissues: modeling, simulation and experiments

The focus of the workshop is to connect people with a background spanning from Physics of Soft Tissues, Continuum Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.

Symmetries of Kaehler manifolds, dynamics and moduli spaces

In the past ten years automorphisms of Kaehler manifolds have been studied from different points of view: algebraic geometry, dynamics and number theory. The techniques used vary from analysis and dynamics to algebraic geometry. The aim is to bring together world leading experts from different research fields to gain a global and deeper understanding of the subject. The themes covered will be: constructions of bi-rational maps, dynamics of meromorphic maps, moduli spaces, foliations.

Solid Math

Mathematical research in Sold State Physics, with particular emphasis on the geometric and topological aspects of solutions of Schroedinger's equation, have led to a significant improvement of our understandeng of the stuctural aspects of matter. The meeting proposed will gather together some of the most prominent experts in the field, both in the mathematical side and on the theoretical physical side and will be importat to foster the scientific activity in SISSA in this field.

2 day meeting on nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs

The meeting will start on Monday October 28 at 9 and will end on Tuesday October 29 at 18:00.The program of the meeting will consists on invited conferences held by promising young researchers, which obtained important results in Hyperbolic PDEs, Geometric Measure Theory and Optimal Transport. This meeting will be the closing event of the ERC-project ConsLaw

PLUMED Meeting

The goal of the meeting is to collect feedback from advanced Plumed Users and to stay up to date with most recent developments.

Settimana del cervello: "Neuroscienze e poten¬ziamento cerebrale"

Alla Libreria Lovat si terra' un gioco di discussione: "Neuroscienze e poten¬ziamento cerebrale". Posti esauriti. Diversi farmaci e terapie potrebbero mi¬gliorare le nostre normali funzioni cognitive e re¬lazionali. Ma quali sono le possibili conseguenze sul nostro organismo e sulla società? Si tratta di un fenomeno da incoraggiare o da arginare? Se ne discute giocando e analizzando fatti, proble¬mi e storie personali. Moderano Donato Ramani e Chiara Saviane.

Settimana del cervello: "Social network e adolescenti. La fatica di essere nativi digitali"

Presso la Libreria Lovat si terra' una tavola rotonda: "Social network e adolescenti. La fatica di essere nativi digitali". Le tecnologie digitali sono diventate le protagoniste della vita dei più giovani. Ma i nativi digitali sono davvero preparati a navigare in questi mondi? Famiglie e scuola si stanno adattando ai mutamenti in corso? Ne parlano David Martinelli, Stefano Moriggi e Michelle Pieri. Modera Nico Pitrelli.


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