The neuroscience of time and language

 Domenica Bueti and Davide Crepaldi will open the doors of their laboratories at SISSA. A varied and interactive path, devoted to “The neuroscience of time and language,” will give the possibility to learn how cognitive neuroscience enables understanding of the mechanisms through which our brain learns how to read, speak and “keep time”

Graduation Ceremony - Masters in High Performance Computing (MHPC)

Masters MHPC is proud to announce the lecture entitled "Computational Materials Science enters a New Age", hold by Professor Nicola Marzari, from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
The Ceremony will take place at Kastle Lecture Hall, in Adriatico Guesthouse ICTP 

 The flier of the event

Sciama Memorial Lecture:"Sounds of Silence: Listening to the Universe with Gravitational Waves" with Alessandra Buonanno

Every year at the International School for Advanced Studies, SISSA, in Trieste, the Sciama Memorial Lecture takes place, a conference dedicated to the memory of the great theoretical astrophysicist, Dennis Sciama.

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