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Thursday 5 May 2016

Room 5 h: 14:00 Timelike information broadcasting, entanglement harvesting and Cosmology
Dr. Eduardo Martin Martinez The strong Huygens principle states that the radiation Green's function has support only on the light cone. In the context of relativistic quantum communication, the violation of this principle implies that there can be a leakage of information towards the inside of the light cone, even for massless quantum fields. When this happens much more information reaches us through timelike channels (not mediated by real photons) than it is carried by rays of light, which are usually regarded as the only carriers of information. In this talk, we will discuss how this may have unexpected consequences in cosmological scenarios both in a standard cosmological model (in general relativity) and in the presence of a big bounce which removes the relativistic big bang singularity.
(Institue of Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute, Canada)
Astroparticle Colloquium
red library meeting room h: 14:30 tba
Ikechukwu Antony Obi; Milena Valentini
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