Dark Matter in Galaxies - A journal club seminar at your institute

                Scientific Organising Committee: P. Salucci, E. Aprile, P. Biermann, A. Bosma, A. Burkert, L. Danese, E. de Blok,
C. Frenk, K. Freeman, R. Gavazzi, G. Gilmore, U. Klein, G. Mamon, C. Maraston, V. Rubin, P. Salati, M. Wilkinson

We are looking for scientists who are willing to deliver a 45 minute journal club style seminar at their institutes on the subject of Dark matter in galaxies. These volunteers, one to two per institute, need not to be experts in the field of galaxy structure, although people working on this field are most welcome, as are PhD students and postdocs.

Assistance for preparing the talk, in the form of a powerpoint presentation and a related paper written by the Scientific Organising Committee will be made available from this website on October 29 2010, to people who volunteer to deliver the seminar. You can choose to:

  • Present the journal club seminar, using the provided material as is, or,
  • Consider the provided material only as a guideline and then go on to prepare the journal club seminar by yourself.
In either case the goal of the talk is to review the basic observational and phenomenological evidence and the properties of the DM in galaxies (30 minutes) and briefly frame them in different theoretical scenarios (fifteen minutes).

To volunteer to participate in this event please fill in the form here. The closing date for registration is 15th January.  To see a list of institutes that are already partcipating, click here.

For more information, please contact Paolo Salucci: salucci@sissa.it, +39 (0)40 3787520

    Organiing Committee: C. Frigerio Martins, G. Gentile, A. Lapi, S. Leach, C. Tonini, I. Yegorova