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Probing the spacetime fabric: from concepts to phenomenology
The conference is aimed at combining different perspectives on how to test the fundamental structure of spacetime. More specifically, while the core of the conference will focus on quantum gravity models and their possible phenomenological tests, we shall also explore methodological and conceptual aspects of this endeavor by having two dedicated sessions involving also philosophers of science. This mix will be facilitated by applying a novel structure to the talks: there will be 3-5 talks grouped under a general theme, followed by an open debate on the main issues related to it. The conference will be mainly sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation grant: Probing the spacetime fabric.

DSU 2013 - The Turning Point?
Observations imply that about 95% of the Universe's energy lies in a "dark sector". In front of a 5% of the energy of the Universe made by ordinary matter there is a misterious sector comprised of dark matter, a form of non-luminous matter of unknown composition, and of dark energy, a sort of an antigravity field whose origin and composition is also unknown. The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts from all around the world to discuss, at a momentous time, the latest advances in the theoretical, phenomenological and experimental aspects of the issue and to draw a new Cosmology/Elementary Particles paradigm able to overcome the present and incoming observational challenges.

Young Researcher Meeting 2013 - Trieste
The Young Researcher Meeting, born in Rome in 2009, is a conference devoted to the discussion and the interchange of new developments and ideas in Physics. The meeting is primarily aimed at graduate students and postdocs, who are encouraged to present their work in an informal atmosphere. The main purpose is to create an international network of young researchers, both experimentalists and theorists, and fruitful collaborations across the different branches of Physics.

Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous
Interacting galaxies are among the most spectacular events in the cosmos. They affect morphology and may funnel gas into the central regions, thereby triggering star formation and nuclear activity. Likewise, the discovery of binary quasars has accelerated to unprecedented levels in the last few years. The aim of this workshop is to bring together observers and theorists working on either interacting galaxies or binary quasars.

Gravity as Thermodynamics: towards the microscopic origin of geometry
The focus of the workshop is the thermodynamical properties and possible nature of spacetime and the idea that spacetime geometry could be ultimately understood as a thermodynamical variable describing the collective behavior of quantum spacetime degrees of freedom.

IDEALS - Investigating Dark Energy At Large Scale
IDEALS is an informal workshop intended to address relevant topics in present cosmology, related to the concept of Dark Energy and its impact on large scale cosmology. We will discuss our understanding of Dark Energy and Modified Gravity, both as a theoretical challenge and in view of the next generation of experiments devoted to this topic.

Dark Matter Awareness Week
Dark Matter Awareness Week is envisaged as a worldwide effort for disseminating specific information about one of the most pressing problems and elusive aspects of astrophysics, high-energy physics, cosmology and relativity.

PACT - Particles, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Trieste
In the coming decade, particle physicists, astrophysicists and cosmologists will collect a large amount of important new data which will shed light on the big questions of the nature of matter, dark matter and the structure of the Universe, generally contributing to a deeper understanding of nature and the Universe as a whole. The PACT initiative is conceived to be the common forum for these physicists to meet regularly, share results and collaborate.