Trieste Quantum Days 2017

From 20 to 24 February 2017 SISSA will host "Trieste Quantum Days 2017", a five day meeting presenting local research activities from the Trieste area (Uni-TS, ICTP, SISSA, CNR) in the mathematics and physics of quantum mechanics of micro, meso, and macroscopic systems, with the participation of external collaborators and international experts. The five main themes, one for each day, are: Ultra-cold atoms and many-body quantum systems, Unitary gases, Topological effect in solid state physics, Quantum information technologies, Quantum transport.
The meeting is part of the concluding events of the 2014-2017 MIUR-FIRB research project "Cond-Math: Condensed Matter and Mathematical Physics", led at SISSA by Dr A. Michelangeli (Mathematics Area).

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